Why Offices Near Transport Links are Important

Why should you worry about whether your office is near good transport links or not?

It might well be that you’ve found an office near to your home, and you’re not bothered about anything else but the convenience for yourself. If you’re a sole trader, you don’t have any employees to think about, so it might seem like the most sense. But the truth is, you should always try to find an office with excellent transport links – and here’s why.

Clients and customers need to find you

If you have clients or customers, even if you work online, you still might need to meet someone somewhere down the line. Whether you’re looking at selling in person, doing a consultation with a client who needs more reassurance, or you just end up shifting the way that you do business in the future, people will need to come and see you. That means you need good transport links – otherwise, it won’t be so easy for them to find you. If it’s not easy, why should they bother?

Employers and partners should be able to get in

You might be working alone now – or you might even already have employees who are only drawn from your local area – but what about six months from now? You’ll likely still be in the same office lease period, but things might have changed drastically. All it takes is the need to hire one more person, or a business collaboration which brings a partner in to visit you regularly, and those transport links suddenly become all-important. You can’t run a business with your employees struggling to get to work in the morning thanks to your difficult-to-reach location.

Everyone travels differently

Bear in mind, too, that different people travel in different ways. You might have a car park near the office, and feel like this ticks all the boxes – but not everyone will come to you by car. It’s better to be close to a motorway, which will bring buses and taxi ranks as well as better car accessibility. You also want to be near a train station, and it should be easy to reach you from abroad too – is there anything like a reasonable distance to the nearest airport? If it’s a three-hour taxi ride away, then the answer is no!

Footfall is important

Another reason why your office needs to be close to transport links is for footfall. Even businesses that work online or deal in B2B services need a bit of footfall. When someone walks by your office and sees your company name, they might realise that you’re just what they are looking for. This is even true of the other business owners that might have offices near to you. So, when it comes to it, do you want to be out in the middle of nowhere with the business owners that don’t know anything about success – or in the thick of it with big brands and thriving start-ups who all know the right place to be? This could make a big difference to your business, and contribute to growing your client or customer base a lot faster than you might expect.

Pear Mill has excellent transport links, which tick all of the boxes for you. There’s the M60 motorway close by, as well as the Stockport and Bredbury train stations within close distance. You can also reach Manchester train stations close by, and bus routes are all around with the A6 coming and going from Buxton or Manchester. There’s even Manchester’s airport if you need an international option.


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