Why Choose Pear Mill Office Space Stockport?

Office Space In Stockport

Pear Mill in Bredbury, Stockport is one of Greater Manchester’s hidden gems, with quality office space offered at reasonable prices located in a Grade II listed, retired cotton mill just outside of Stockport. The idyllic location and great prices make Pear Mill one of the most sought after solutions for office space Stockport has to offer.

Pear Mill Office Space Stockport

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The Location

One of the biggest draws that The Pear Mill has is the great location for businesses. There are loads of tenants already operating at

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Pear Mill which means there are already lots of returning customers who will potentially be interested in the products or services you have to offer. The Pear Mill is based in Bredbury, Stockport which is just 2 miles from the town of Stockport and the railway station, but also around quarter of a mile from the M60, making it a simple commute for staff from Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Bredbury, Stockport is also only 10 miles from Manchester Airport and the City of Manchester itself, meaning it is ideal for businesses who operate internationally and close enough to the city for meeting potential clients and business associates.

The Pear Mill is located within easy reach of the surrounding towns and villages, so many people spending time in the beautiful Cheshire countryside will also provide more business as they pass through.

The Price

Despite being in the perfect location for almost any type of business, the price of the office space Stockport has at Pear Mill is very reasonable. Pear Mill can provide office space which is tailored to suit your needs.

Pear Mill Office Space Stockport

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No more paying for office space you are not going to be using. The price is inclusive of many great services including free parking for you and each member of your staff, meaning your business could save a huge amount from your annual running costs. At Pear Mill, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. There are no extra hidden fees and no obligatory surcharges, anything we offer for an additional cost is completely optional and designed to make your life just that little bit easier. The great price is one of the main reasons new and relocating businesses are choosing The Pear Mill for their office space in Stockport.

The Facilities

What really makes the office space Stockport has at The Pear Mill such good value for money are the fantastic facilities which are available to all tenants. The facilities offered include passenger and goods lifts, free use of the onsite parking and loading/unloading facilities and access to both male and female toilets in each unit. The entire industrial estate of Pear Mill is monitored twenty four hours a day using CCTV which includes manned security. There are also other facilities available for staff to make use of including an on-site gym, play centre and a climbing wall. There is also a café/restaurant which serves food and drinks throughout the day.

Inter-Tenant Trading

One opportunity which is not often available with office space in the city is the prospect of trading with other tenants. As The Pear Mill has been steadily expanding and renovating over recent years, there are so many other well established businesses trading at the site already. These include stores like the Adidas factory outlet, a cycle shop and an online fashion retailer who already draw in lots of customers. There are also a number of businesses involved in advertising and marketing, offering great discounts to other tenants setting up in office space at the Pear Mill. This gives you a great atmosphere to work in, loads of great shops and facilities for your staff to enjoy, but also many businesses which could offer you a helping hand to get your business up and running smoothly. Pear Mill has loads of happy tenants, if you would like more information on the various tenants operating from The Pear Mill or the Shopping Village then please visit our website or contact the landlord for details.

Choose Pear Mill

Pear Mill is situated in the beautiful Cheshire countryside, far enough from Manchester to keep rental prices down, but at the same time within easy commuting distance. Choosing the office space Stockport has at The Pear Mill not only gives you great premises at affordable prices with no hidden fees, but the idyllic location makes it a great place for your staff to work. There are many nice parks and scenic landscapes to help reduce the tension on lunch breaks which makes for happier and more productive staff. The facilities on offer set Pear Mill above the competition, with a great working atmosphere and lots of useful perks offered by the other tenants.

For more information on the types of space available, the current tenants operating from Pear Mill or for any other details, please contact us via our contact form.

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