Top 7 reasons to choose Pear Mill offices Bredbury

Office Space At Extremely Competitive Prices

Pear Mill offices in Bredbury are a fantastic example of quality office space which is offered at a very competitive price. Here are 7 reasons to choose the Pear Mill offices Bredbury has to offer:

The Location

Pear Mill offices in Bredbury are located just 2 miles from the bustling community of Stockport, with excellent transport links to and from both Stockport and the City of Manchester. The City of Manchester is only 10 miles away making it a simple commute for staff and these offices have the added bonus of being just 10 miles from Manchester Airport. This makes Pear Mill offices the perfect location for businesses who might need to travel internationally. The office at Pear Mill are situated just quarter of a mile from the M60, so even regular meetings in the city itself are relatively straightforward.

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Although the location is great for your staff or clients to get to, the Pear Mill offices in Bredbury are also great for keeping staff happy. The location is set right in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, with loads of beautiful scenery for them to enjoy. The idyllic setting makes the Pear Mill offices a much nicer place to work, increasing and maintaining staff morale. It is already part of a steady business community which has been growing over the past few years. Although the building maintains its character, set in an enchanting Grade II listed Victorian cotton mill, the inside has recently undergone a multi-million pound makeover to bring it into the 21st Century.

The Price

While the location can have a large influence on a business’s success, another important factor when looking for office space is the price. As mentioned earlier, the price of office space outside the city limits is much lower than that in the outskirts. Due to the Pear Mill’s location in the Greater Manchester area, the prices are much more competitive.

Pear Mill offices in Bredbury also allow you to benefit from free on-site parking. This is inclusive of you plus as many staff as you require. It is unusual to find offices which are offered with free parking, so it can make a big difference to the everyday running costs of your business. Other providers might charge anything from £30 each month for each staff member, which means you are making a saving of £30 per month for every employee who works for you.

The Facilities

Pear Mill has improved facilities by adding three lifts to the building, two which can be used for transporting both goods and passengers, and one which is high speed, for passengers only. The complex also has wide roads which allow simple access to the loading bays and the lifts.

You also benefit from 24hour security to ensure the premises are secure. The security is manned seven days a week. There are also loads of facilities for your staff to make use of, including a canteen/café, an on-site gym with preferential membership for tenants and a climbing wall.

Full services and heavy load bearing floors

As the Pear Mill was once a cotton spinning mill, it has the ability to support incredibly heavy loads. Each of the floors can hold up to ¾ of a ton, which is ideal for most office based businesses. Ladies and Gents toilers are provided on each floor, with full services including three phase electricity, gas and water.

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Office space tailored to your business

Pear Mill try to ensure that the office space they provide is serviced and maintained to a high standard. This is why they try to provide office space which is tailored to your specific requirements. Office can be created in any format you like, with extra partitions and offices provided within the office space to help your business be as efficient as possible. You can also request extra toilets to be provided for your staff should you need them, for a small fee.

Inter-Tenant Trading.

As the Pear Mill offices in Bredbury are already a busy business community, there are loads of opportunities for inter-tenant trading. With businesses such as printers, marketing companies and many retail shops, you can benefit from both discounts on products and services, plus get the necessary exposure you need through recommendations.

No Hidden Fees

Pear Mill offices pride themselves in providing a comprehensive and transparent service. Tenants are always quoted prices which have no hidden fees. While there are extra services that can be provided for a charge, you will get everything you need explained and quoted before you take on the premises. Call today to find out more information on any of the offices or services available.

When you are looking for office space, there are a number of important considerations. Whether you are a well-established business looking for a new premises, or a start-up business looking for your first office, the most important things to think about are the location, the cost and the facilities available. This will determine how well suited the office space is to your particular business.

Due to the high levels of competition in city centre locations, many businesses choose to look in the wider area in order to find an easier market to break. The other benefit of finding office space outside the city limits is the lower cost of premises as you get further from the bustling hub. Stockport is a thriving business community on the outskirts of Manchester, offering a sparser market and office space which is a lot more cost effective than the City of Manchester itself.

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