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Pear New Mill was designed as a double cotton spinning mill, though the second mill was never built. It is on the northern bank of the River Goyt in Bredbury, Stockport,Greater Manchester, in England. It is a GradeII* listed building.

retail units to let & rent in stockport

Pear Mill, Stockport

Pear Mill provides retail units to let & rent in Stockport ranging in size from 2,500 square feet to 31,000 square feet. We build your space to your company’s exact requirements.

retail units to let & rent at pear mill

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Our retail units are just outside the city

retail units to let & rent in stockport at pear mill

Distance From Stockport To Pear Mill

Pear Mill is one provider of Retail units to let & rent Stockport being very close to our base of operation.The Pear Mill is situated equidistantly between Bredbury and Stockport. In reality the city can actually be much harder for a new business to find its feet because of the high prices for retail and office units, combine this with the amount of competition most businesses will face and the concept of the city starts to seem a little daunting. Manchester is one of the larger cities in the UK, very often new retail businesses in the city or those from the Greater Manchester area have to look outside the city centre in order to find premises that are within their budget, the issue here is the further you leave the centre the less chance of exposure and a risk of not having the right demographic for your particular product. For these reasons many businesses will have to look outside Manchester, into the surrounding towns like Stockport.

Retail Units to let & rent in Stockport are Competitively Priced

Whether you are setting up a new business or simply looking to relocate in order to save money, the retail units to let & rent Stockport can provide at Pear Mill can help achieve these goals. Bredbury is located just two miles from Stockport train station meaning it is a fairly simple commute from the centre of Manchester which is only ten miles away. The retail units Stockport has on offer at Pear Mill are in the perfect location if your business requires international travel as they are also only ten miles from Manchester International Airport.

Retail units in Stockport have loads of happy tenants

The retail units in Stockport at Pear Mill can accommodate almost any type of business, whatever your space requirement we can provide the right retail space for your needs. Pear Mill also has a number of facilities that are available for staff to use including a restaurant, on site gym with preferential membership for tenants. Because the retail units to rent & let in Stockport offer such incredible retail units at competitive prices there are a huge number of companies now enjoying the benefits of retail units in Stockport, from large international corporations to growing local businesses. These include the Adidas Factory Shop, a climbing centre and a local Dojo.

Places of interest near Pear Mill

The retail units to let & rent Stockport can provide at Pear Mill are in one of the most idyllic locations in middle of the Cheshire countryside. The prime location of the retail units Stockport boasts at Pear Mill, along with the easy access to transport routes and great facilities, is the reason more and more businesses are choosing retail units to rent and let in Stockport.

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