Offices to let near Woodley

Pear Mill office space near Woodley

If you want to find customers and make business deals, it’s a good idea to be near a city of great economic importance.

Manchester certainly fits that bill, being amongst the ten largest cities in the UK and boasting a huge business hub. However, the downside is that this means all the office space in the city centre is extremely expensive. Looking to the Greater Manchester area means your offices will be cheaper, and offices to let near Woodley fit the bill in terms of location and price. Because it’s so close to Manchester, lots of companies have already settled here, taking advantage of the lower costs.

Why choose Pear Mill office space near Woodley?

You could potentially find a lot of offices which are within commuting distance of both Woodley and Manchester, but Pear Mill boasts the best package overall for any kind of business. There are a large number of tenants already settled here, and these include big names such as Adidas right down to small sole trader businesses and freelancers.

Route from Woodley to Pear Mill

Route from Woodley to Pear Mill

Not only is the rent low at Pear Mill, but the office spaces to let near Woodley are set in a calm location and well-maintained grounds. The historic mill building lends plenty of character, while inside there are a large range of facilities that you, your staff, and your customers can use. These include an on-site cafe, gym, and climbing wall, as well as multiple services provided by fellow tenants which might prove useful for you.

It’s also just a short drive from Manchester on main roads, and has good links to train stations as well as Manchester airport, so it’s easy to reach in all ways. Once you arrive, there’s free on-site parking as well as a security system which is on around the clock. You can access your office at any time of day or night, and there’s plenty of cross-promotion between neighbours who can easily work together.

Pear Mill offices are affordable

While the price of office space in Manchester goes up and up, Pear Mill offices in Woodley remain affordable. This is what makes them so popular with both new and established businesses looking to set up a new space.

Saving money on your premises means having plenty left over for investing in other areas of your business. Especially if you trade online but need somewhere to store your goods, it’s an excellent way to save money and focus on what will take your business to the next level. You can even save on advertising thanks to the amount of footfall that will be right on your doorstep, with the other tenants in Pear Mill attracting lots of business all the time.


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