Office Space To Rent and Let in Bredbury

An Introduction To Office Space In Bredbury

Many start-ups and established companies look to larger cities in order enjoy the benefits of a thriving business environment. Manchester is one of the best examples of a city that represents a huge business opportunity. Manchester provides office space to hundreds of businesses, but at an incredibly inflated rental cost when compared with the Greater Manchester area, outside the confines of the city centre.

If you are looking for office space to rent Bredbury is an increasingly popular choice for many new and expanding businesses. Located just nine miles from the city centre, the offices Bredbury has on offer provide a cheaper alternative to Manchester’s heart, while still providing only a short twenty-minute commute to the city itself.


Location of Pear Mill Rented Offices

Office Space Bredbury Pear Mill

There are many serviced offices Bredbury can provide, with an assortment of very different businesses coming to Pear Mill. We speak often with tenants who are eager to find office space to rent and let in Bredbury. This popular area is exploding with commerce right now, and that means there are plenty of great opportunities – though they are going fast!

Pear Mill is just over a mile from Bredbury, so within easy walking distance from the train station. This places it in a great location for staff that need to commute, and makes it easy for customers to travel in. Pear Mill is almost the same distance from Stockport as it is from Bredbury, making it the perfect location for businesses in either area which are looking to expand. No matter where your existing customer base may be, if you have one, they will easily be able to follow you.

With the current economic issues faced by many businesses today, it can be hard to find premises which are priced low enough to help start-ups and smaller traders compete. The offices to let Bredbury has available are not only popular with new businesses, but also with businesses looking to save money by relocation from inner city offices to cheaper premises. Bredbury falls into the sweet spot of being far enough away from Manchester to allow cheaper alternatives for office space, but close enough to make it a close trade companion. Many companies find that they are better off relocating so they can save money that can be much better invested in other areas of their business.

Being so close to Woodbank Memorial Park, and away from the hectic city centre, Pear Mill particularly allows for happier and less stressed staff, giving your company better staff morale and increased productivity. What more could you ask for from your office space?

Pear Mill Office Space Bredbury

Reasons To Choose Pear Mill Offices In Bredbury

Why should you choose our rented office space to let in Bredbury with Pear Mill, instead of going somewhere else within Bredbury? For one thing, our property is suitable for almost any kind of business. Whether it be leisure space or call centre facilities, an online business in need of an office or a retail business in need of storage, the spaces are curated to fit the exact needs of your company.

The offices also feature on-site management so you can rest assured your business will run without problems. With 24/7 security in place, you won’t need to worry about leaving equipment or stock on site.

The Pear Mill rented offices also provide many facilities for staff, including on-site cafeteria and sports and wellness facilities. These are open for your use as a tenant, giving you a place to rest and relax on your breaks or a chance to stay fit after the working day. They also bring in more footfall to the offices, giving customers a chance to discover you as they walk by.

Need more reasons? How about the fact that other tenants in our space could easily become your customers or collaborators? Having other businesses neighbouring your own is a great way to increase footfall, improve your standing within the local business community, and raise the chance of sales from various marketing opportunities.