How to design your office space on a budget

Designing an office space is key for making sure that everything fits well and creates a good environment for your employees. You want them to be comfortable, have everything that they need on hand, and be as productive as possible. This means providing the right furniture, storage space, and even décor.

But when you have a tight budget, it might seem that there is no possible way to reach that goal. It can be done, with a few of the right tips to point you in the right direction. Here’s how.

Go second-hand

Even if you think you don’t have enough of a budget for great furniture and storage options, there is always a way to get them cheaper. One option is to go through specialist B2B companies which can provide wholesale solutions – such as a job lot of chairs at a lower price, for example.

But when even these prices are too high, you can go a little lower. Second-hand office equipment is often available at a low price, and it may not even have been used much or suffered any damage. This means that you can get an amazing deal at a lower price than expected.

Don’t turn your nose up at second-hand deals. They can really offer great value and your employees don’t even need to know. Watch out for office closure sales, as well as finding good second-hand shops that operate on a regular basis.

Pitch in

Depending on your staff – and if you have any yet, or if you’re a start-up opening for the first time – you might be able to save money by asking everyone to pitch in.

You don’t need to hire an interior decorator if everyone can pick up a paintbrush or a roller and get to work. Just make sure that the floors are covered and any furniture is out of the way for the day so that it doesn’t get dripped on!

Employees can also help with constructing flatpack furniture, moving it up to your new office space, and even the design process – giving their ideas and insight into what would make the office comfortable for them.

Go bright

A great and cheap way to brighten up an office space and to give it new life is to get out your paintbrush and go to town. Choose cheerful colours such as primary shades, pastels, or sunshiny oranges and yellows to make the office seem tropical and inviting.

A single wall painted in a bright shade can make a great pop against a white office, and can also draw attention to a focal point – for example, the receptionist who waits to greet guests when they enter, or a display of your achievements as a company.

You can also liven up old furniture with a lick of paint – those filing cabinets, desks, and even chairs won’t look as boring when you pop them in bright shades. It’s a simple touch like this which only takes a small investment and a bit of your time, but can make a big difference for years to come. Make sure that you use the right type of paint for the surface so that it doesn’t just flake off later.

Designing an office space to feel more inviting and to encourage high levels of productivity doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. In fact, you can do on a shoestring so long as you’re prepared to give a little more time and effort to hunting for deals and doing things DIY style. This makes all the difference!

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