How do I know how much office space I need?

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When looking for a new office, it can be hard to figure out the size of the space you need. Do you go for a box cupboard-sized room, or rent out a full floor of a building? It can be bewildering, but you don’t want to make the mistake of having too little space – or paying for too much. Here’s how to work it out.

Your employees

Start by thinking about how many employees you have. If you are a sole trader, this will be much easier! Think about how much room each person needs. Presumably they will need a desk, or at least somewhere to sit. This means calculating how much room desks will take up, as well as taking into account the necessary health and safety precautions, such as clear walkways.

Your equipment

What kind of equipment will you need? It could be as simple as a few desks and a filing cabinet, but it can quickly grow more complicated. Do you need a printer? Professional machines take up a lot of room. How about specialised equipment related to your niche? 

Consider also whether you would like to set up a break area, or at least a coffee machine, for your team. What about those trappings of the modern office space – games or a pool table, exercise bikes, and other things designed to improve company culture? These all take up room.

Your usage of space

How will you be using the space? This can really make a difference. Will you be having customers come into your space? How about meetings which need to be behind closed doors? Are you a customer-facing business, like a printer, where people will actually come in to both make orders and pick them up? 

The use of the space can dictate how much open floor space you need, how you will need to partition the room, and so on.

Your growth aims

Do you intend to grow quickly? If so, you don’t want to lock yourself in to a space which may be too small in six months. Think about the length of the term you are looking to sign a contract for, and where you want to be during that time. if you will be doubling your workforce, they need to go somewhere.

A flexible space is best, where you can add on more room as and when you need it. But this isn’t always easy to come by. Even when you go with a managed office, you may find that all of the larger spaces are taken when you need one. Think carefully about whether to go bigger now or later.

There are lots of little factors that go into deciding your office space. Once you have added up all of these points, you ought to have a much better idea of the size that you need. You can even plan out an actual space to see, in practice, how everything would fit.

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