How can Pear Mill office space in Stockport save my business money?

Pear Mill offices, Stockport at competitive prices

When you are looking for office space, there are many important factors which play a part in selecting your office space provider. The bottom line for any business looking for office space is:

  • How much money can they save?
  • How can they maximise on the profits they turnover?

Manchester is one of the largest cities in the UK, so as you might expect there are loads of businesses in the Greater Manchester area and further out in the Cheshire countryside who are looking to rent office space somewhere close to the city limits. What many of these businesses often forget is the closer to the city you get, the higher the cost of renting and the more competition your business will face in the marketplace.

Pear Mill Office Space Stockport

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Finding the right office space provider is about finding the right balance. On the one hand, you want the lowest price office space you can get, but on the other, you want good quality office space which is an easy commute to the nearest business hub. Fortunately, for the Cheshire and Greater Manchester area, there are two thriving business communities for you to choose from, the obvious one being Manchester, the other being Stockport.

Pear Mill is one of the top providers of office space in the North West of England, situated within commuting distance of both of these locations.

Save money on the cost of renting office space

The Pear Mill is a gorgeous example of Victorian architecture, once a cotton spinning mill, it is now one of the top places to rent office space in Stockport and the Greater Manchester area. One of the main reasons that businesses choose this office space provider is because of the central location in the heart of the Cheshire countryside.

Pear Mill Office Space Stockport

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Although the area is picturesque and leafy, the prices of renting office space here are much lower. The Pear Mill is set in Lower Bredbury, just outside the town of Stockport. In fact the train station in Stockport is a mere two miles away from Pear Mill, which makes it an easy commute for any staff based here. The Pear Mill is also just 10 miles from the city of Manchester itself, which means that it is a simple commute for staff that live in the City Centre.

While it is a short distance from the City of Manchester, Lower Bredbury and the Pear Mill have excellent public transport routes, which means that even if your staff don’t drive, they can still get to the location with little difficulty.

Because the Pear Mill is outside of the city limits, the cost of renting here is significantly lower than City Centre providers. Even office space in Stockport is generally much higher. The Pear Mill offers office space from as little as £1 per square foot, which is some of the lowest prices in the Cheshire and Greater Manchester area.

Save money through no hidden fees

While you might be impressed with the price of the office space in Stockport, especially the cost effectiveness of office space at the Pear Mill, it might also come as a surprise to learn that there are no hidden costs or obligatory extras.

Many providers of office space across the UK will offer low prices, but actually charge significantly more once they actually seal the deal with a tenant. This is often due to extra costs which are essential to the everyday running of your business. The Pear Mill is an exception to this rule.

When you receive a quote for renting office space in Stockport, the Pear Mill includes within the quote all of the basic things you will need to get your business up and running. There are no hidden charges or extras to pay. This means that the quote you receive is the price you will pay unless you opt for some additional services, which are completely optional.

Save money through great facilities for you and all your staff

While you will save money through the transparent pricing of the office space Stockport can provide at the Pear Mill, you might also be surprised to know that you also benefit from a selection of facilities which can also save you money.

One of the major perks of choosing Pear Mill to supply your office space in Stockport is the fact that you receive free parking for you and all your staff. Many office space providers across the UK will charge for this per employee, and in the North West, it is not uncommon to be charged at best, £30 per employee per month. For a smaller business with 6 staff members, that is a saving of £2,160 a year.

While it will not directly save you money, there are loads of great facilities at the Pear Mill which can help to keep staff happy and productive, and keep the business running smoothly. Each floor has goods and passenger lifts which are free for tenants to use, but also loading bays, male and female toilets on every floor and small kitchenette areas. There is also a cafe/canteen for staff to use on weekdays.

Save money through inter-tenant trading

The final way Pear Mill can save you money on your office space in Stockport is through inter-tenant trading opportunities. Because there are a great number of businesses already operating from the premises, many of them have strong ties with the local community and can provide recommendations to their customers.

Many of these businesses also offer discounts to other tenants in order to lower costs for the whole business community. This means that often important aspects like marketing, advertising and printing can be done at a reasonable discount once you have built business relationships with other tenants.

For more information on the available office space, please contact us today.

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