7 Things to do in Stockport this Winter

With the colder weather setting in, you will want to find some warmer activities to do and keep yourself indoors. Here’s what you can get up to in Stockport this winter!

1. Explore the Avro Heritage Museum

If you like planes, this aviation museum will be a real treat. It’s a good one for the kids too, as they will be in awe of the machines – especially little ones who are dreaming of becoming pilots! There is a lot of information on display about every exhibit, so even if you don’t know much about this field, it will be a great opportunity to learn. 

2. Catch a show at The Plaza

This theatre always has plenty going on, and there are some big-name comedians being attracted to come and perform for Stockport fans. You can also catch all kinds of different shows, suitable for families as well as older viewers, and some festive performances which will put you in the mood for Christmas.

3. Dive into the Staircase House

If you have any interest in local history, the Staircase House is a real treat. It’s like a trip back into time, and is perfect for the whole family as you are encouraged to touch and interact with everything. Kids can even dress up as Victorians! Once you have seen the house itself, you can go around the museum next door if you aren’t yet ready to move on. A lot of effort is spent on making this a great experience, and it really shows.

4. Shop at Pear Mill

There are a whole host of different businesses at Pear Mill, making it a one-stop shop for a lot of different things. You can pick up some bargain gifts, hit an exercise class or go to the gym in order to get fit before all the mince pies, and even stop off in the café for a cup of hot coffee before heading back outside. There’s a play area to keep kids busy, too.

5. Wander the Hat Works Museum of Hatting

There is a lot more to making hats than meets the eyes, and the Museum of Hatting will tell you all about this one-time staple of the local economy. Millinery may be a bit of a dying industry now, but it was once a seriously big deal in Stockport. The museum will walk you through history, as well as displaying some very impressive hats – including some made in more modern times as part of special exhibitions and displays.

6. Visit Elizabeth Gaskill’s House

If you want to try soaking up a bit of genius, take a tour around Elizabeth Gaskill’s former house. Although few of the original possessions remain, it has been refitted to give an authentic view of how it would have looked during the author’s time. The volunteers who work here are happy to answer your questions with their deep knowledge of her work and life, and there is also an on-site café where you can enjoy a piece of cake.

7. Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery

A war memorial and a gallery all in one, visitors often find the experience of coming here deeply moving. One of the displays includes the names of all local soldiers who were lost during both World Wars. There is often a changing exhibition of local art, as well as historical photography from the region.

Which of these Stockport activities takes your fancy? Will you be trying all of them? There’s a good long winter ahead to make the most of these indoor choices!

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