7 reasons to relocate to North West England


If you own a business and you aren’t located in North West England, you might not realise just how much you’re missing out on. This area of the country is perfect for businesses from sole traders to corporations, and a lot of companies are starting to catch on. Here’s why they are moving here – and you should too!

1. The low prices

If you want to start a business in London, prepare to see your overheads go through the roof. On the other hand, if you want to save money and actually save some of your capital to reinvest in the business, then you will want to try the North West. Lease rates are much lower here, especially if you want to go into managed offices.

2. The business networks

There are huge business hubs in the North West, already well-established and steadily becoming the most important economic centres in the UK. This means that there are already great networks of companies for you to work with, no matter what industry you might be part of. The opportunities for making connections are huge, and that means more potential for growth for your company.

3. The natural beauty

Beauty is a thing you don’t often see in a city like London – at least not of the natural kind. Even the parks are mostly structured and planted, rather than grown wild. That’s not the case up in the North West. We are famed for our areas of natural beauty here, and even if the canals might be man-made, they too are a great source of pride. Imagine looking out of your office window and taking in that kind of beautiful view!

4. The room for growth

There is a lot of potential for growth in the North West. Expansion is possible in areas outside of city centres, as managed offices and shopping centres spring up in other places around the larger metropolitan areas. This means you can expand as time goes on, allowing you to take your business to the next level without having to relocate all of your operations to somewhere with more spaces available.

5. The collaborative attitudes

Businesses here in the North West are happy to take on collaborations. We’ve got a friendly attitude that we are known for, and we don’t mind helping each other out – especially as cross-promotion and working together can often result in a lot of great benefits on both sides. When your neighbours are ready to help you grow your business, it’s easier to succeed.

6. The history

History is really important when you’re setting up a business and you want your address to demand some respect. Setting up in the North West means that you’re in a historic business centre, where commerce and trade has been established for centuries. Pear Mill is an historic cotton mill, a listed building which has all the external grandeur combined with modern conveniences in the interior. It’s a great match.

7. The culture

Cities in the North West are rated again and again as having the most outstanding cultural impact in the UK. With more than one place known for it here, that means you’ll be steeping yourself in culture wherever you go. Art, music, fashion, creativity – these can all feed into and drive the growth of businesses, so make sure you take advantage of the scenes here to really push yourself forward.



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