6 tips when looking for offices in Greater Manchester

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Greater Manchester is a very popular area with businesses, both new start-ups and more established companies looking to expand. This means that there is a lot of competition for space, and as a result, prices are at a premium. This means you need to be very careful when looking for an office space! Here are six tips to help you get it right.

1. Leave the city

Get out of the city centre, where the prices are at their highest. Most offices will not benefit at all from being on the high street as opposed to other locations. So long as you have good transport links and you are part of a business community, you can get exactly the same results – if not better – and yet pay less.

2. Go managed

Managed offices have a lot of advantages over the alternative. You have maintenance of the building and grounds taken care of, and the office will already be ideally suited to business use. You will have the opportunity to expand or decrease the size of your office without moving buildings if you wish to, and your overall rates are usually going to be lower because of the economy of having multiple businesses under one roof. It just makes a lot of sense!

3. Know your neighbours

Make sure that there are other businesses in your general vicinity – as many as possible. These fellow businesses can offer great potential for inter-company trading, partnerships, and combined marketing opportunities. A mixture of big brand names and more local businesses usually means you are in the right place, with great prestige but a lower barrier to working together.

4. Stay modern

Look for offices that offer modern amenities, no matter how traditional they may appear on the outside. You will want to be able to easily connect phones and the internet at high speeds, as well as offering facilities for your customers. Look beyond toilets and lifts and think about how the building can offer other draws: cafes, entertainment, places for kids to play, and so on.

5. Be connected

Make sure that your choice of office has good transport links. It’s easy to get around in Manchester, with main roads, trains, buses, and even planes on offer. If your office is close to a main road or trainline, then it will be easier for both customers and employees to reach you.

6. Don’t go too fast

Make sure that you are realistic about the needs of your company. Take a little more space than you currently need if you think you will expand soon, but not so much more that it puts you into financial hardship. This is why managed offices can be so beneficial – you can just take up more space and renegotiate your contract if needed, rather than being trapped. 

There are lots of factors that make up the perfect office space for you. Make sure that you check off all of these tips as well as considering your specific needs before you make a choice!

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