6 tips for finding the right business property

Finding the right business property is essential for your company’s success. It needs to be the right size, in the right place, and at the right cost. If one of these variables doesn’t work out, then you might even find your business failing. It’s as serious as that. Here are six tips that will help you to find the right business space to ensure you are operating as well as you can.

1. Think about location

The first thing to think about is location. Your customers need to be able to get to you easily. Not only that, but even if you have an online business with no customers needing to come to your physically, you still need your employees to be able to get to work. There should be good transport links to your property. Ideally, these should include roads, trains, buses, and even planes if you work internationally.

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2. Take the hassle off

Try to make things as easy for yourself as possible by finding a managed office. This is an office which is part of a building alongside many other offices or retail spaces, so that many things are taken care of for you. These will include aspects like upkeep of the building and grounds, cleaning, security, parking areas, and so on. It will also allow for public facilities such as toilets and lifts to make your customers more comfortable.

3. Find opportunities

There are always more opportunities if you are near other businesses. Being in a city centre can be cost-prohibitive, but there are other ways to get those high street boosts. Being alongside other tenants in an office building means there will be more footfall past your door, and more eyes seeing your company name. You can also look for inter-tenant trading or cross-promotion opportunities which are not possible in more isolated areas.

4. Consider pricing

Pricing is hugely important because it can limit your business’s potential. You don’t want to be paying too much, which is why going outside the city proper is a good idea. You want to find a great deal for an amazing space, and watch out for hidden fees as well. These are usually a bad sign. Get the full cost upfront and go from there.

5. Look for flexibility

Go for an office which is not necessarily limited by space. You will, of course, have to agree a fixed term at a certain size which you pay for. However, it’s good to keep your options open. After this term ends you might wish to expand your business. It’s easier to do so if the property you are renting within has different size options available, so that you could simply go up a floor or across the hall to a much bigger room. This will really help you when it comes time to take the plunge, as you will know the costs upfront and be able to prepare for them. You also won’t have to stress about changing your address quite as much as you would with a move to a whole new location.

6. Find the right atmosphere

Finally, think about the image that your office portrays. Your property should be impressive from the outside, and modern on the inside, giving you a great impact for any customers or guests who come to visit you. This will help with your branding and could even make it easier for you to do business and make sales.

These tips are all about maximising the chance of finding an office which is exactly right for you. There is definitely one out there – you just have to look carefully!

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