6 Stockport landmarks to visit this Christmas

As the festive season approaches, and certainly as soon as the kids are off school, it’s time to find a few new activities to try with the whole family. Stockport is no stranger to exciting landmarks, even if you don’t realise it yet – you may have lived here for your whole life and still not noticed some of the most promising days out! Try these six landmarks this Christmas to ensure that everyone enjoys the winter holidays.

1. Robinsons Brewery

This might not seem like the best place for a family visit at first glance, but those with grown-up kids will certainly be able to appreciate the full brewery tour which you can take advantage of here. Even smaller children are still welcome in the bar and restaurant area, which is home to impressive displays of copper tanks used in the brewing process and also a great place to grab a sandwich for lunch. Sit back and relax for an afternoon after your tour, and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere.

2. Staircase House

This is a great value landmark for families as children go in for free, with adult tickets costing only £4.75. Audio guides explaining the history of the house are also included in the price, so both you and the kids can have your own personal tour as you explore the building. There are a lot of hands-on activities, like the opportunity to play card games in a traditional setting and interact with the restored building in other ways. You will learn a lot about the history of the area just within this one house.

3. Pear Mill

Pear Mill Stockport

Pear Mill Stockport (Image Credit: Tall Paul)

If you’re looking for a place to kill many birds with one stone, then the historic Grade II listed Pear Mill has to be it. While the outside is full of history and gives you an impression of the cotton mills as they existed here in Victorian times, the inside is a different story. Here you will find shops, gyms and fitness classes, plenty of small businesses, a café, and a climbing wall and play area that the kids will love. You might even be able to distract them while you go off to get a bit of Christmas shopping done!

4. Hat Works Museum of Hatting

Like you might expect from the name, this museum will give you everything you need to know about the history of hat-making in the local area! It was once a very big trade here, in combination with the cotton and silk mills that would send huge loads of materials down the river. If you live in Stockport or the Manchester area and you don’t know anything about hats, you need to get yourself down there and find out about this fascinating history.

5. Avro Heritage Museum

If hats aren’t your thing, then you might be more interested in the Avro Museum. Here you’ll find lots of information about the history of aviation, including real planes and displays about heroic pilots through time. You’ll be able to go in depth into the history, and find out about the inventors of various innovations that brought air flight to where it is today. This is definitely a good choice if your kids are in the phase of still being very impressed by all kinds of moving vehicles, as they won’t be able to stop staring at the huge planes!

6. Old Town Dungeon and Court House

This special attraction isn’t open at all times, so make sure that you check the times before you head over. When you do get there, you’ll find something very interesting – and maybe a bit spooky, so take care with younger children! There are three dungeons right beneath the magistrates court, and you can talk to the Stockport Heritage Centre to arrange a free visit. It’s a small area but definitely very fascinating, and absolutely steeped in history – so worth a trip for that reason alone!


There are always plenty of things to do in Stockport. If you’re bored with the usual trip to the high street and stop at a café before home, then make sure you put these landmarks on your to-do list this Christmas!

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