6 quick tips to keep office overheads to a minimum

Office overheads can be tough for small businesses to shoulder. Even for a more established company, it’s important not to let them get out of control. Lack of attention to detail can easily make them spiral to huge amounts, so run through this checklist of six tips to get those expenses down again.

1. Cut out printing

Printing is old-fashioned, bad for the environment, and usually unnecessary. It will cost you less to get cloud storage for all company files than it does to print – paper, toner, and maintenance all cost a lot. You can even sell your printer to another company in order to recoup some of your investment, or avoid buying one if you’re just setting up a new start-up.

2. Go eco-friendly

Energy bills can amount to a lot when you have a group of people using an office, but there are ways to get them down again. Put an environmentally friendly policy in place and encourage employees to turn off equipment such as computers overnight, turn off lights when they aren’t being used, and only install eco-friendly bulbs. This will cut your energy bills by a large percentage.

3. Shop around for bills

If you know what you’re doing, you can save a lot of money on your bills by getting better rates. For everything from energy to water to internet and phone connections, you can usually get a great deal by switching providers every year or so. You might even get away with just threatening to change, and getting a better deal as a result.

4. Send employees home

Can your employees work from home? Even if you only make a few of them remote workers, this will mean less space is needed and you can even go for a smaller office in the first place. You can also save on the energy they would be using, as well as other company resources that they will now have to source for themselves – such as stationary, coffee, and so on.

5. Move your office

It may seem drastic, but you can move to a new office where the rent is cheaper in order to cut down your overheads dramatically. A good tip is to stay away from city centres – they tend to be very expensive but they are also overcrowded and it’s hard to stand out anyway. You would be much better off in a managed office where the rates are lower outside of the city.

6. Curb your spending

When you look at what is being ordered for your office on a monthly basis, you might be surprised at the level of expenses. Storage boxes, folders, branded pens, general stationary items – these all add up. Ask your employees to only order what they actually need.

Office overheads can overwhelm you if you don’t keep an eye on them. Keep your budget tight and be sure to re-evaluate every six months or so to ensure you’re on track.

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