5 things to do in Stockport this Summer

With this summer looking set to be a scorcher, it’s time to get planning for a season to remember. When the kids are off school, the weather is good, and you’ve got time to spare, there are plenty of things to get up to in Stockport. Try out these top five suggestions this year!

1. Tour the Stockport Air Raid Shelters

For an experience that is educational as well as unforgettable, why not return back to a time in our history when air raid shelters were a familiar sight? While the reason behind them may not be pleasant, they are a fascinating insight into what older generations had to go through. Take a step back with this attraction, which is now open for visitors along with exhibits and items to set the scene.

2. Go vintage shopping

Vintage shopping is all the rage – it’s cool and trendy, and gives you the opportunity to hunt for a bargain! It’s not just clothing that is on offer: you can grab vintage books, furniture, ornaments, and more. You might even find some vinyl records! Head to the vintage emporium at Pear Mill to see what kind of gems you can dig up from amongst their collection.

3. Feed some animals

Head over to Reddish Vale Farm for a day out that the kids won’t forget. The adults might just enjoy it as much as they do, too! This is a great place to meet all kinds of farm animals, including some rare breeds. Stick around for feeding time and get involved – it’s a lot of fun and sure to put a smile on your face. There’s nothing like a good dose of Vitamin D when the sun’s out, either!

4. Stroll around Etherow Country Park

Talking about getting some sun, you can certainly do that at Etherow Country Park. This is a great place for the kids to blow off some steam by running around and playing games. You can also just stroll around to your heart’s content, and even stop off for a picnic on the way past the waterfall. Nothing can compare to fresh running water in terms of making the air feel cooler, so if it really gets hot, this is a good place to stay refreshed.

5. Learn at the Hat Works Museum of Hatting

Stockport and the surrounding area has a rich history in the textile industry. After all, just look at Pear Mill, which used to be involved in the silk and cotton trade. The Hat Works Museum is a valuable national resource, and quite unique in terms of its exhibits and what you can learn there. Hatting is a bit of a dying art, so it’s so interesting to see how important it was in the past.

There’s lots more to do and see in Stockport, including one-off events which will be happening all year round. Some of them even take place at the attractions we’ve listed above!

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