4 reasons to expand your offices now

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your offices, the truth is that there couldn’t be a better time. It could be that you haven’t even considered the idea yet, and that could well be a mistake. Here’s why there’s no time like the present to take this next big step for your business.

The price game

House and property prices have been rising steadily for decades, and the thing is, they don’t show any signs of dropping any time soon. This means that the longer you wait, the more expensive it could be for you. Even if you’re leasing a space rather than buying it, you still want to act now while the prices are low. Particularly when you go to an up and coming area – like Pear Mill’s location – it’s important to move fast before the rest of the world catches on to how desirable it is. That will make local prices shoot up quicker than elsewhere, so being there first is really important for your bottom line.

View available office space in Stockport

View available office space in Stockport

Your business potential

If your business has potential to grow, then it’s time to capitalise on it. If you sit still for too long, you’ll quickly find that you begin to stagnate. When this is allowed to happen, businesses often end up failing. Don’t stay small or mid-sized for too long. Take the opportunity to grow and expand, and seize the change to build the business up into something larger. There are many mistakes that can jeopardise the future of a company, but failing to realise potential is one of the most tragic. When you have orders coming in and there’s an opportunity to make your name even bigger, take it. Don’t let the chance pass you by, as there may not be another on.

The busy period

It’s important that you get any needed expansions out of the way before busy periods begin. You don’t want to find yourself struggling to keep up as Christmas approaches, and then trying to expand while you juggle a heavy workload. Instead, it’s better to get the expansion done now and in place so that new members of staff are ready in their new office space when the work comes in. This way, you can deliver fast, impress your customers, and maybe even take on some extra orders before the busy season ends. When the work starts to slow down again, that’s when it’s time to start hunting for new contracts and growing your customer base through marketing and word of mouth.

The new connections

When you expand your office, you will also open yourself up to new possibilities. The neighbouring tenants around your new office space might be people that you can collaborate with in the future. Whether that means getting a discount on services that you need, or cross-promoting so that your audience and their audience combine, it’s always a good opportunity for you to grow even further. You might even end up being able to launch a new product or service as a result of a collaboration, and those connections get made easily when you share a corridor with other businesses. Expanding your horizons also means the possibility of seeing more things on them.



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