10 advantages: Pear Mill serviced offices Stockport

When you are looking for an office space provider there are a few important considerations to make sure you get the best premises possible for your business.

For start-up businesses and SMEs it is often not practical to have an office space all to yourself, which is why many smaller companies will choose to look at serviced offices so they share many common services like receptions and toilet areas. Pear Mill serviced offices Stockport has in Lower Bredbury are some of the best in the North West. Here are ten of the advantages to choosing Pear Mill.


Pear Mill is located in the Cheshire countryside on the outskirts of Greater Manchester, just a 10 mile commute from the city of Manchester by car. It is ideally located 2 miles from the town of Stockport, which is a bustling business community in itself. This makes it perfect for staff to get to, but also leaves the office space far enough from the city to benefit from low rental prices. The serviced offices Stockport has in Lower Bredbury are set in a Grade II listed Victorian cotton mill which has recently undergone major refurbishment to add a modern interior.

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Pear Mill offices are only a short distance from Manchester, but the competition for office space is much lower than the city, so the rental prices are also much lower.

No Hidden Fees

Unlike some providers of serviced offices in Greater Manchester, the Pear Mill offices have no obligatory extras or hidden costs. The price you are quoted is the price you pay. There are a number of optional extras and luxury services which can be provided for a cost, but these are not essential to the running of your business. Important things like refuse collection are all part of the service.

Free Parking

Pear Mill serviced offices Stockport has in Lower Bredbury have on-site parking which is available to all staff that work for your company. Some office space providers charge large amounts for this kind of facility, with some charging as much as £70 per employee per month. In the North West, the average price is £30 per employee, per month. So for an SME with 6 members of staff, choosing Pear Mill serviced offices could save you around £2,160 every year.

Pear Mill Office Space Stockport

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Lifts and access

Since the Pear Mill recently underwent a multi-million pound makeover, there is plenty of access for both deliveries in the form of loading bays and wide service roads, but also handy facilities such as lifts for both goods and passengers. This makes it easy for staff to get around the premises, but also helps if you have a lot of goods delivered such as stationary and marketing collateral. Everything about the Pear Mill offices is designed to make the running of your business as efficient and effective as possible.

Canteen for Staff

Although not included with the price of the rent, the Pear Mill offices have a café/canteen which is open throughout the day during the week and sells reasonable priced food and drinks for staff members to buy on their breaks. Although this won’t save your company money, it does help to keep staff more relaxed, having an area where they can sit and enjoy their food in the company of colleagues.

Preferential membership to gym

The Pear Mill has a number of businesses already operating in the office and retail space available, one of which is an on-site gym which offers preferential membership to tenants and their staff. There is also a play centre for kids and a climbing wall, all of which allows staff to keep active before or after their working day, which makes for an all-round happier workforce.

24 hour security

One major concern for many businesses is the safety of the premises they use to house their business. Whether that be due to valuable goods or sensitive information, or even just the IT equipment, every business likes to have some peace of mind. The Pear Mill serviced offices Stockport has in Lower Bredbury benefits from CCTV across the entire site, with 24hour manned security. You can also gain access to the office at any time.

Tenant Business Relationships

One of the most beneficial things about using serviced offices like Pear Mill is the sheer number of businesses that can offer all sorts of trading opportunities to help you lower the costs of running your business. From printers to web design companies, there are many advantages of working in a tight knit business community. Many tenants offer discounts to other tenants, or can offer advertising and promotion through recommendations to their own returning customers.

The customer service is second to none

Pear Mill serviced offices in Stockport have spent a number of years building these offices into a thriving business community with the help of longstanding tenants. As a result, the customer service is some of the best around. Not only is there a dedicated team of customer service agents who are on hand to help with any questions or queries you have while you are looking at renting office space, but you can also get your office made to suit your needs perfectly. Pear Mill office space can be tailored to fit your business, with extra toilets, connection to your preferred energy supplier and even your own reception, it really is entirely up to you. If you would like more information on any of the available office spaces, please feel free to get in touch today.

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