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Pear Mill Office Space Stockport

Directions to pear mill office space in stockportManchester falls within the UK’s top ten largest cities and so draws in a huge amount of businesses, both large international and small family run organisations. As a result it also carries with it a large cost for office space. For this reason many businesses look to the Greater Manchester area for offices to let Stockport being one of the most popular due to its locality to the city. Being just 6 miles away from the thriving city of Manchester, it is ideal for businesses looking for relatively inexpensive office space, while still having quick and easy access to the city centre just fifteen minutes away.


Why Choose Pear Mill Office Space Stockport?

Office space to rent and let in Stockport can be found in abundance, the Pear Mill offices in Bredbury are popular with a variety of different businesses including multi-national corporations such as Adidas. This is due to the low cost of rent and also because of the idyllic location and facilities available on-site. The served offices stockport has to offer in Pear Mill include facilities such as an on-site cafe, gym and even a climbing wall available for use by staff. Pear mill is just ten minutes from Stockport itself and around the same travel time as Stockport to Manchester.

Pear Mill Office Space Stockport

Office Space in Stockport is inexpensive

The offices to rent stockport can provide is ideal not only for new or expanding businesses, it is also popular for relocation of existing businesses looking to get away from the ever increasing prices of office space in the city of Manchester itself. Companies that are starting to feel the effects of the economic crisis we currently face in the UK often choose to move to cheaper offices to let stockport often being the first choice. The low rental costs mean that businesses can save money on the cost of premises which can be better invested somewhere else.

Final note: Office Space Stockport

The office space stockport has to offer at Pear Mill is tailored to suit any businesses’ needs, whether it be for Retail or Call centre purposes, the offices are designed to fit your business and feature on-site management to ensure your business runs seamlessly. The great location, facilities and beautiful surrounding area makes it a pleasant and relaxed place for your staff to work, giving you the edge through increased job satisfaction and productivity.


  1. Hi I was wondering if you have any office space to let, so I can set up a beauty room?
    If you could contact me with prices that would be great thanks Janie

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